Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starfall - The New Home for the Wharf

At 4PM this evening, DJ Blaise will begin the party that opens the new club - its the Summer Solstice, and what better time to open the temple up to celebrate the summer!

We're calling the new place STARFALL. Its a place to hang out and do whatever. Its not just for when you want to dance and party. Bring your friends over - we'll be adding some features over the coming days, so Please, have a good time and enjoy!

DJ Blaise starts the celebration at 4PM, and at 6PM I'll be playing some of my rawkin' tunes, and hopefully keep your weekend alive a little bit longer.

My personal thanks, by the way, go out to the following folks, in no particular order, but with as much gratitude as possible for making our new place a reality:

Koen, for donating the land and making room for our new home. A great new friend.
Kyne, for building his little fingers off, being a good friend, and not scratching my eyes out for getting him into this xD Oh, and being a smexy nekoboy!
MTD - Builder, wiseman, wiseguy, all around sexy elfin beast!
Merrick - Textures, advice, enthusiasm, and reminding me that this is for all of us.
Ima - Textures, humor, and everything you do

So many other folks, and I can't say enough to express how much this means to me. Thank you all!

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  1. Many clubs brag that they're the best, but this club doesn't need to brag, because it simply proves that it is. There's a strong quality of friendship and many things rolled into one group.
    I'm so happy things evolved as they did and wish to thank everyone who helped and worked together.
    Dehr, I know we couldn't have done it without you leading the way.
    I really love the name for the place!
    Awesome work, awesome place, awesome friends.
    Terrific start on the longest day of the year, as well!
    Looking forward to many more great times together!
    Oh and get ready for more stories and questions from me, to liven things up a little! I have an ongoing list. >:D