Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"You got another thing comin'"

A few days ago, I was speaking to a friend who said, 'The results are out.. and man, you placed'. And I asked back, 'placed in what?'. The friend replied, 'the Dj survey'. Eventually, I opened up the website to Jago's blog, and read through the results to find that, indeed, there I was - listed in the TOP 10. Now- I have to admit, it wasn't a complete surprise. Jago, the surveyor, had hit me up a week prior and asked for some additional information about where I DJed, and that sort of thing. However, he didn't tell me how I fared compared to the previous year (I placed 7th in last years survey, which was a surprise back then).

So, when I saw the results for my 4th place spot, I was surprised and honored that I had been so well thought of by my peers, other gay DJs that were surveyed. According to Jago, 250 gay DJs were surveyed for these results.

Now considering there could have been a sea of single responses, and I just happened to be on the crest of the wave that got more than a few votes.. nah.. I'm not gonna speculate on the distribution.. even if it could mean that for 4th place I could have had 10 votes - or something like that. I don't need to speculate - I placed 4th! And I'm doing a dance and grinning with the (imagined or not) appreciation of my fellow DJs! Yay! *laugh* I mean, I could over think it, and assume that, perhaps even that Jago was struck by debris from a meteor, and accidentally put my name in place of some other more deserving DJ.. but why imagine such things, other for a few yuks?

One of the other things that struck me was, that I heard some DJs were upset at the results. Some think its an unnecessary survey. Some think its rigged, and some say that its not fair how it is done. Some said that voting for yourself invalidates the results.
Quite honestly - it could be a popularity contest, but if it is, why would I be up there? I'm a nice guy and all, but damn, I don't think I'm all that popular, so I'm so over myself on that. Popularity is fleeting anyway - flavor of the month and all that.

The only flaw in the survey is - should you be allowed to vote for yourself? I don't know.. voting for yourself would possibly bump you up 1 category in a tight vote distribution, if the top DJs on the list are separated by 1 vote.. Maybe you shouldn't be able to vote for yourself, but again.. its 1 vote.. possibly 1 place. Jago said that the rankings were super-close for everyone but the 1st place, InsyX. If you're in the top 10, that means you had a lot of votes anyway. That could mean, if I voted for myself, I might have been 3rd place in a tie, instead of 4th? I didn't vote for myself, FYI. If I HAD voted for myself, and got 4th because of it, and you took that vote out, I would be 5th. So .. its.. not really a big deal, to me at least. InsyX, who was in the same placing as last year (1st) is an awesome DJ, a wonderful club owner, that's done a lot for Gay Djs in SL, and he is very deserving of his position on that list. If I got "special mention" like a lot of DJs seemed to, to get that sort of recognition, would have given me a big smile. But I would have been happy for all my friends that were recognized in it, even if I hadn't placed.

Now, having said that, it matters a lot to someone that might be bumped out of the top 10 or to a lower spot - if this survey is that important to your self esteem. On the other hand, its not a presidential election. There are no laurels being passed out, no crown or scepter or massage being given, at least by the surveyor anyway xD No one was elected King DJ of SL.

I guess what I'm trying to say is.. ITS JUST A SURVEY.

I'm just glad to know someone thinks they like either what I spin, or how I goof off and helped with having a good time when I'm spinning.

And I want to say how glad I am to see so many DJs that spin at Starfall are included on the list! Congratulations to Kaj, and Sasch [and Merrick- who spun at SF for a long time] in the top 10, and then Tralos, Dov, and Kev were also listed as special mentions. It says a lot for those mentioned that they have such esteem amongst our peers. And for those of you, that are my friends and other DJs that I really like that didn't get listed, you should know that you have my appreciation, and I hope you know that, no survey can ever rate how much you are appreciated in my books. Nathaniel and Blaise were ones I would have thought should have been recognized as awesome gay DJs - they weren't on the list, but they should have been. You have my appreciation, and all the others that I could fill this page.

In the end, its 1 survey - a snapshot in time, from a group of gay DJs that have had their ups and down popularity wise. The winds of being popular come and go, and one episode of drama can hit your windshield and throw you off the highway and into the ravine, metaphorically speaking. I guess what I'm saying is, all glory, or survey results, are fleeting. Its not a presidential race, its not a school levy, and its not a jury vote for a death penalty.. Its a fun survey and its not meant as anything more or less than what it says.. My advice is - if you got heart burn over the results? Take some Rolaids or drink some Pepto, and move on. Do your own survey if you think its fixed! Its a lot of tedious work to survey and collect results, badger people to send you their choices, and then tally them all and then get ridiculed for your published results, you biased mo-fo you!


Thank you Jago for your work on this. Its at least excited comment,and you have my gratitude for including me in your survey.

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  1. Thanks for the nice comments, Dehrynn! You're correct - the vote distribution does trail off smoothly so that apart from Insyx who comfortably came first, one vote can make a difference!