Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SUNDAY! Rocking the Dock @ The Wharf

I think this past Sunday was the best DJ session I've had. Being honest about it, I've had some "interesting" sets, what with SL stream issues, getting used to mic-ing, getting to know the software and its moods and secrets, and keeping concentration when you are tired and juggling everything else. I am still learning the ins and outs of my software, but at this point, I'm more than happy to do things like I have been.
We had a good crowd at the Wharf this past Sunday. It started out with a small group - Gage and Charley, Dodgeguy, and a buster (my lovely awesome host) and it didn't really get going for a while. Kaj arrived not long after I started.. and people started to trickle in. I mean, I was competing against The Oscars on the tele... so I didn't know whether it would get busy or not.
For about 20 minutes, I played tunes for Charley and Gage, a few for myself, and I didn't play "Dude Looks Like a Lady" to make Dodge remember anything about that bet he lost to Xavi... But shortly thereafter, things started picking up and we all had a blast! Of course, when Pookie arrived, the party really got into full swing - or that was the icing on the cake.
But really, I think I hit a good stride Sunday, that was probably the best set, mix of music, and an awesome crowd that I've had since I started DJing.
I want to thank MTD for being so very generous - it seems he won a massive prize and was spreading his good fortune to this little DJ and I believe my excellent host.

Oh! Earlier, DJ Fuzzy was playing at The Love Shack, and it was an excellent set! I stepped in to host at the very last minute due to the regular host being tied up with RL. I had a great time doing it! Fuzz was in top form, and really rocked us out with some great 80's stuff. He even played some Ministry - which suprised one of my friends (Gage, you know who you are) that something from back then could sound so "now". Anyway, Fuzzy was excellent, and Esmi was a nice surprise visitor that late (for him).


  1. Awww ... You made Fuzzy smile. I missed your set as I got home from my all day yoga workshop and went into hibernation. I forgot about the Oscars .. I am glad your set went well regardless. A small appreciative crowd is a lot of fun.

  2. It started out small, then grew to respectability.. by the middle of the set, it was a nice round 20 I think. *grin* had a lot of fun, and played lots of good tunes. And Fuzzy was awesome!
    Missed ya Finn! <3