Saturday, February 28, 2009

Becoming "the Man"

OK, so .. Thursday night, I'm minding my own business, prepping to log and go to bed.. and I get this job offer.
I didn't have to think it over long before I said yes.. what was it .. like 3 minutes, with lag?

I was a bit speechless at first, since .. well.. I was pretty much being offered a job doing what I do anyway - so it was pretty easy to say "sure". But I was rather chuffed that Finn and Ches wanted to have me involved in this way.

I mean, I guess when I see a problem, I sort of try to fix it right then and there, or let someone know who CAN take care of it. I just like to help out, not because I wanted a "reward" (getting promoted is not always a reward..anyone that tells you different is usually selling something, or doesn't want to give you a raise).
Nothing special about what I do, or have done - in my mind. I can give myself credit for helping my friends succeed and to try to smooth out the rough patches where needed - its what friends do for each other.

That Finn and Ches have asked me to step into this role says a couple of things about them -
- They trust me to do right by them and to do right by our family of Wharfies.
- They are paying me for doing what I was already doing - Suckers. xD