Friday, May 1, 2009

Speachless, or introspective?

After I posted last week, I realized that was the first post I've done in a long while on my blog. I had been posting a lot on Mondays, and occasionally through the week, but the last 2 – 3 weeks I haven’t. I guess the Wharf Blog has been getting most of my attention, since I spend a good portion of my time in and around that beloved place.

I don’t think its been from a lack of things to say, or situations to comment on. I think I’m too busy doing - well - everything, and I run out of time to put my thoughts into a readable format.

Of course, my RL has been a storm of activity through my RL job. That has demanded I spend an inordinate amount of time in the last month dealing with that situation. And when I log into SL, I'm rather busy. And that got me to thinking – man, I spend a lot of time on SL.

So let’s do the numbers – between Hosting, DJing, and Managing throughout the week, I devote about 20+ hours of my time to those activities. That’s not including DJ set prep times, promoting or dealing with issues for the Wharf, sets running over an hour or more, or blogging and promoting for that prosperous pile. It is hard to quantify some of those hours because they are intertwined with everything else I do. (By the way, I’m not complaining – It’s a combination of the best jobs in the world. I love it).

Often times it’s a matter of priorities. I spend time with my various friends, whether its bouncing from/to clubs, hanging out at their place, or meeting up at The Wharf. I frequent other venues as well, like the Aqua Lounge or Centerfold, to hear my friends play.

I am increasingly busy when I'm online, though. Especially today, Friday - I have a set to put together yet - I think I'll do a boogie/funk/disco set, maybe. I've been thinking hard about how I can vary my sets more. I used to drop into other clubs all the time to hear what others are playing. I've not been doing that quite so often of late.

My passion for the Wharf and the satisfaction I get from that whole portion of my SL continues unabated. It’s challenging sometimes.

One GOOD thing is, Ima has shown herself to be a competent, fun-loving and capable person at hosting, so she's helping me out a few nights a week for my sets (for the past month, I’ve been without a regular host because the time difference for buster was just too great), and for the Wednesday night set. That will take 4-6 hours commitment off me from the hosting side, and/or making my DJ sets less stressful.

Overall - I guess I don’t really have a point to this ramble, other than – you put time and effort into things you have to, and into the people and things you love, and you hope that the time is worth it. I think it’s worth it. I would rather spend my time sharing with these people I have found that are so awesome - this family of wonderful, crazy, brilliant, funny, and messed up missfits - my brothers/sisters and friends.


  1. I'd say your time spent was definitely worth it. The Wharf has really grown since you got the manager job... and I feel it is largely due to the time and effort you put into the place, as well as your sets - which makes it more fun for all of us.

    Time definitely well spent and well appreciated ;]

  2. OMG Dehr, I can't even express how much I appreciate all your hard work. If it were not for you, I probably would have been committed to an asylum. Hmmm ... maybe I should just commit myself anyway.

  3. We have a 'treatment room' in the basement of the MANSION OF DOOOOOOOOOOM at the Wharf, Finn. You wouldn't have to travel very far :D

    I'll go warm up the brain saw.

  4. So glad to be there for you when you desperately needed help and I'll keep being there as long as you can put up with me! \o/

    "this family of wonderful, crazy, brilliant, funny, and messed up missfits"
    You mispelled misfits, unless you mean only the girls are? *risks more demerits for supposed punishment*
    Glad I finally found a group of misfits that I fit in...but that would mean I'm not one anymore, right?

    Glad you got more staff and you're doing a truly amazing job!! *huge hugs*

  5. Oh now I see there's a band called Missfits so I take back correcting the typo and hope you don't notice mine!