Saturday, February 28, 2009

Becoming "the Man"

OK, so .. Thursday night, I'm minding my own business, prepping to log and go to bed.. and I get this job offer.
I didn't have to think it over long before I said yes.. what was it .. like 3 minutes, with lag?

I was a bit speechless at first, since .. well.. I was pretty much being offered a job doing what I do anyway - so it was pretty easy to say "sure". But I was rather chuffed that Finn and Ches wanted to have me involved in this way.

I mean, I guess when I see a problem, I sort of try to fix it right then and there, or let someone know who CAN take care of it. I just like to help out, not because I wanted a "reward" (getting promoted is not always a reward..anyone that tells you different is usually selling something, or doesn't want to give you a raise).
Nothing special about what I do, or have done - in my mind. I can give myself credit for helping my friends succeed and to try to smooth out the rough patches where needed - its what friends do for each other.

That Finn and Ches have asked me to step into this role says a couple of things about them -
- They trust me to do right by them and to do right by our family of Wharfies.
- They are paying me for doing what I was already doing - Suckers. xD

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SUNDAY! Rocking the Dock @ The Wharf

I think this past Sunday was the best DJ session I've had. Being honest about it, I've had some "interesting" sets, what with SL stream issues, getting used to mic-ing, getting to know the software and its moods and secrets, and keeping concentration when you are tired and juggling everything else. I am still learning the ins and outs of my software, but at this point, I'm more than happy to do things like I have been.
We had a good crowd at the Wharf this past Sunday. It started out with a small group - Gage and Charley, Dodgeguy, and a buster (my lovely awesome host) and it didn't really get going for a while. Kaj arrived not long after I started.. and people started to trickle in. I mean, I was competing against The Oscars on the tele... so I didn't know whether it would get busy or not.
For about 20 minutes, I played tunes for Charley and Gage, a few for myself, and I didn't play "Dude Looks Like a Lady" to make Dodge remember anything about that bet he lost to Xavi... But shortly thereafter, things started picking up and we all had a blast! Of course, when Pookie arrived, the party really got into full swing - or that was the icing on the cake.
But really, I think I hit a good stride Sunday, that was probably the best set, mix of music, and an awesome crowd that I've had since I started DJing.
I want to thank MTD for being so very generous - it seems he won a massive prize and was spreading his good fortune to this little DJ and I believe my excellent host.

Oh! Earlier, DJ Fuzzy was playing at The Love Shack, and it was an excellent set! I stepped in to host at the very last minute due to the regular host being tied up with RL. I had a great time doing it! Fuzz was in top form, and really rocked us out with some great 80's stuff. He even played some Ministry - which suprised one of my friends (Gage, you know who you are) that something from back then could sound so "now". Anyway, Fuzzy was excellent, and Esmi was a nice surprise visitor that late (for him).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

First shot across the bough?

My freshly minted blog, all shiny and new.. and not a thing to say!

Don't let that first line fool you.. It just takes a few minutes to get the brain flowing this early.

OK..a blog - what to do with it? Hmm.. populate it with mental meanderings?

DJing, Hosting, and hanging out :
The Wharf seems to be where I spend a good portion of my SL time. Why is that? I ask myself that all the time - and I keep coming up with the same answer - I really love the people that have been drawn to the place. My friends think this place is the best - not just because of the DJs, but the people. Kaj says it all the time in his Wharf DJ notices - "come hang out with some of the best people on SL" .. and he's so right!

I can't say enough wonderful things about Finnegan and Chester, both personally, and as the architects of the Wharf and the Serenity Project (venues like Abduction, Love Shack, and Landfall)- its been an honor and a pleasure to have been adopted into the Wharf Family - I've come to find that its a lot like the Addamms Family personality wise - just everyone is hawt. xD
Finn and Ches gave me the opportunity to start hosting, and I think it's worked out great. I wanted to get more involved, and this was the doorway. I wanted to DJ too, and Finn supported me through that start up. Its been a lot of fun to play my tunes, hang out with my friends, and have a great time doing it at the best place in SL. I really am glad they had the good sense to bring me in.

Esmi and Hoaghes - these guys are excellent DJs and awesome guys. Its a bright spot in my day anytime I get the chance to hang out with them. And I very much enjoy getting to host for them when my schedule affords the chance.

Kaj -a great DJ, and one of the sweetest guys I've met on SL. I could fill up a page on what I love about this guy, and it would only scratch the surface. He's been a good friend, and something of a mentor for my budding DJ career. Ubershawt, smart, funny, and quick to lend a hand in a pinch. Not to mention a twisted sense of humor *laugh* Too bad he's taken - which leads to the next one on my hit parade...
Malden - You can't hardly mention Kaj without Mal.
Mal has been a good friend for a while, and I think the world of him. The combination of smarts, humor (both twisted and goofy), personality, ability, and smexiness makes him a pleasure to call one of my friends.

Buster - I love buster - he's such a quick, funny guy - he's been a wonderful host and is a friend I'm enjoying getting to know. He's done a fabulous job as host for me and everyone he's worked with - I say work - its not work at all - its just another facet of having a good time with good people, and buster is "good people". I can't say enough how much his lunacy brings a grin to my lips.

Charley and Gage - really good people. A wonderful couple. Sweet and funny, but with their own distinct and seperate personalities, and as inseparable as 2 eggs once you've scrambled them. I don't know why the food reference, but - it seems to fit.

Pookie.. hmmm who is this "Pookie" person I have a note to mention? I remember something about him being insane.. that shock of orange hair "Ms Clairol #666" color I believe.. Must be a good reason to mention him. He seems rather intelligent, quick witted, and charming in a way.. hawt certainly.. hmmm well, maybe I'll get to know him better one day. He might be fun for a romp. Who knows - maybe beneath that party boy exterior and flippant irreverancy, beats a heart of gold. Or maybe a disco ball with a beat thumps in his chest. I don't know. I'd like to find out.. one day. Not in a "serial killer, Hannibal Lecter way, but in a .. oh you know what I mean *grin*

The List goes on and on of awesome people...

I gotta stop here for now.. anyone I didn't mention, its not because I don't wub ya, its cause this is supposed to be my blog, not War and Peace. You'll get your turn ! *grin*