Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finntastic Friday @ The Wharf

Friday night, the last Friday of a cold February - we came, we danced, and I nearly face planted at the end of the evening! XD
WOW - And I was only there for 8 of the 12 hours.. I still can't believe that the time flies so fast!
Basically, when Esmi's set starts at Noon on SL, I am still about 2 hours or so from getting finished at work - that is, if its a normal Friday. Instead, it was an abnormal Friday, and I was held for almost an extra hour - and then I had to finish my playlist and do the things you need to do when you get home from work.

So, despite wanting to be there, I was not at Esmi's set, and I sorely miss not getting to hear him play - but I did see he wisely put the stream info up on his blog this morning. I had the same thought, but I've been slow posting the last few days.

Here's the stream link:

Anyway - I missed all but the last half hour of Hoaghes set, as well, but I did get to hear his tunes for a while, which was cool to lead in to mine.

I played a good 2 hour set. The crowd fluctuated in size, and was not as robust as I would have hoped for.
Kaj had a special anniversary set to play at a different venue before his set started at the Wharf, so I was prepared to play over to give him time to transport in. As it happened, Kaj jumped in just a little after, and I only had to play 1 song over into his block - the man is AWESOME !
And I want to thank Kaj for helping (and Mal) for helping cover for Chester's absense. Kaj played an extra half hour into Chester's set, which gave me time to put together a play list to cover the 1.5 hours for the rest of that block. Chester's internet had been squeezed by his provider due to, allegedly, all the bunny porn he was uploading to .. where ever you load bunny porn to. i wouldn't know anything about that XD

And then Easton had originally been involved in RL stuff, and I didn't think he'd make it back in time for his set. I considered shutting down early - but the man came through! He jumped in right at the start of his usual set time, and I turned the stream over to him. I covered the hosting for him for his whole set - though I don't know how I managed. I was ready to face plant! As much as I'm a "lend a hand" kind of elf, I had a full day, and those late nights kick my ass. So.. I need to find a host to pair up with him for what I lovingly call the "Graveyard shift"XD

Overall, it was a little slow this Friday, I have to say. But we had a good crowd and a lot of fun. : )
And Dodge doesn't want you to find his blog and read his poetic and random wisdom on life and blogging. He doesn't. So don't follow this link:

I've included a pic from Kaj's set. I didn't do a role call, but we have most of the regulars and a few new faces in the crowd.. Pookie and I are dancing back by the sploder, Kev looks like a GIANT! but he's just dancing on air, doing a Finn impersonation.

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