Thursday, March 12, 2009

Changes, they keep on a-comin'...

One of my favorite times of the week has been Wednesday evenings, hosting for Finn. Not only is he a really good DJ, but he’s a good friend. When you DJ, no matter how much fun you have entertaining people, you still have a pressure and time constraint. Finn has said a few times that its been a struggle for him to align what he wants and needs to do RL with the SL side of things. I know how rough things can get when you run into technical snags, or fall behind and have to rush into your set less prepared (or unprepared) than you would like.

Regardless - Finn did an excellent job with his sets, whether planned or on the fly. I enjoyed the music, and the experience of entertaining a room full of our friends (family) and patrons with him. Since he has now taken himself out of the DJ rotation for the time being, there is a change to my routine that I will adjust to… it seems that’s been the theme now for the last few weeks – Change.
Life is change, I believe the saying goes. I hope that the change for Finn relates to less stress and more fun. Because he’s crazy enough as it is. And if he REALLY goes off the deep end (in relative terms that is) he’ll take a lot of people with him. xD

I hope he’s just taking a break for the time being – and will DJ on occasion as his time and mood suits him.

I managed to get one of my closest and dearest friends to climb down a ladder and step into the footprint that Finn left behind on Wednesday night – Xavier. He’s a semi-reluctant DJ – only because he wasn’t sure if his musical bent was what the Wharfies would like. I told him it would be something different - he would be a success, and the crowd would love him. He has a more gothy/industrial-ly feel to his tunes, and a cool (if somewhat twisted) sense of humor, with a funny personality to match. Also, a heart of gold (figuratively speaking) underlying it all - though he would not admit it. His set went down as a smash hit I think. I stood post as his host (I’m a poet and didn’t know it? Ugh) – and it was different. It wasn’t Finn. But it was something good. I think Xavier had a fantastic (finntastic?) time, and succeeded very well. And I get enormous satisfaction from that. And like life, change happens. And it was good.

By the way, for some reason, the pictures I thought I took of last nights events did not save correctly. So no images for this post. Sowwy!

UPDATE>. DODGEY came through with a picture! So the blog has been updated.


  1. I'd so love to hear some of Xavier's tunes. I wish I could stay up til stupid times in the morning to hear his stuff.. and yours too, Dehrynn.. as I have yet to catch one of your sets :(

    Hopefully, as I am on holidays soon, I might get the chance to not sleep for one night.

    Oh, and Finn was a great DJ, even if he never admitted it. Come to think of it.. no DJ likes to admit they are any good xD

    I'll miss Finn's stuff.. the few times I heard it, it was great. I reckon Xavi can live up to the task ahead of him.

  2. I think one of the best things we've had going for us, is the fact that,even if we play similar music, we have a different mix of the flavor to play - even if some songs do tend to creep up from set to set sometimes. Good music will out, eh?
    Hope I can tune into the stream and hear your set today... Break a leg.. or something.