Monday, March 23, 2009

More Sunday than I knew what to do with

I thought Sunday was going to be a lazy day, with lots of time to do what I wanted to do. It seems that you should never assume SL, or RL for that matter, will allow your "plans" (very loosely defined, in this sense of the word) to remain in tact.

The day started off well - I started trying to take stock of how I wanted to furnish my house (previous post I showed some views from the observation deck). Then I try to do some shopping, and as I love my friends, I started getting with them in IMs and going to where they were at.

Later in the day, I had a great time with Pookie, Charley, and Gage looking at their fantastic rebuild of the sim they now have. A tropical island paradise, and that's no kidding. They are doing a fantastic job with it!!

And then, it was a last minute thing, I started DJing a set 2 hours before my normal time. Fuzzy had the weekend off, so Xavi was going to fill in.. but had something come up RL and was unable to make it. So I decided.. I can't let all those people go un-entertained.. so without having had time to work on my set for the 6pm slot yet either, I went by instinct and started DJing on the fly. Its an interesting experience, to be 2 steps ahead of silence on the Wharf.. you know you have to keep throwing songs into the cue, but they have to be the right songs. In the end, I DJed 3 hours.. and then like a knight on a white horse.. or in this case, a black on, Blaise returned to the Wharf and offered to take over - his set had been cancelled at the other place he DJs, so he stepped in and did a 2 hour set for the Wharfies.. It was awesome tunage.. I really like Blaise's style of music - its different from mine, but we share a love of some of the best goth and industrial tunes.. and his voice is really cute xD His boyfriend Coner and he make the most interesting and cute couple.. I hope they don't mind that description of it.

My newest friend Micah Moore was present for a good portion of the nights festivities.. I am so glad to have met him. I love chatting with him. He's such a fun guy to talk with. And he's now in the DJ Dehrynn group. Actually I should start developing that group more. Tommie Blaisedale dropped in a little late for but the tail end of my set. I really get a kick out of him.

And 2 other notes. Finnegan - he's such a great guy. I could talk with him for hours sometimes, and others he's just funny to watch work a room. I was so stoked Friday when he DJed - we all love his sets, and as much as he might want to say he needed to move away from it, he is a really good DJ and people really loved his sets.

Buster - he's awesome. He hosted for most of my 3 hours DJing then bowed out to head to bed. I don't know what I would do with out buster, and I hope to never find out - other than have to work twice as hard during my sets to host and DJ.. I still need a host for the 6pm stuff. I'm covered for when Kaj and I swap during the Friday sets, and any time I play before 6, Buster can usually step in.

Finally, I had a picture taken and photo-shopped by a friend, Slyvergay Ralu - I don't know - let me know what you think ? I don't know. Sly did my current profile and the DJ pic I use (the blue background one).. I am still wanting Esmi to do one for me, but our schedules are harder to match up. We'll see how he does.

Oh, anyone that sees Esmi casing my house, let me know.. I will have to check to see if he leaves any surprises for me. I mean, now that he knows where I live... like he never knew in the first place. He just wants to drag me to that pentagram in his haunted house and see what happens when he starts trying to sacrifice me to Chester.



  1. Dehrynn,

    I had fun hanging out with you tonight. I look forward to spending more time with you...especially while you dj some awesome tunes!

  2. Awww thanks for the nice remarks Dehrynn! :))

  3. yes you did a super job taking the reins on sunday Dehr! i couldnt imagine going that long

    and yesh the new pictures are awsome! =D

  4. Micah - you are made of awesome.
    Blaise - Its easy to say great things about awesome peeps xD YW!
    Dodgey - Thanks for saying so, hon.. I had fun. :)