Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st SUNDAY! Bunnies and the Dancing Chester

Chester was dancing - he must be feeling is that possible?

It was Sunday night.. and it was MY Sunday night.. Things clicked and we all had a blast @ the Wharf. I have to admit I did not prepare my set like I normally do - I did have strong ideas for some of my set, but when I added that up, it was only about an hour, so I dug deeper into my brain, and did some search-surfing in my music inventory, not to mention the regular stream of requests I played tonight - and what came out was one of my best sets yet!
I really appreciated the compliments from Kaj and Finn - and well.. everyone that mentioned they liked the music.

I think the only note that seemed to bother anyone was the final song - Love Shack - Finn and Ches both commented that they were tired of the song. So, I will likely not play that one again while they are around, or.. at all.. for a while.

One thing of note - Chester was seen DANCING on more than one occasion tonight, and I captured one of those times in a picture - Ches is dancing on top of his teleport kiosk.
The other picture I've included was of the gang listening to my set - and Finn was on Fire.. or a earth elemental.. or some damned avatar thingee he loves to swap into.

A special shout out to buster - my awesome host! He was fantastic as always - and I could not focus on requests and the music without his help. He really does a fantastic job - and I like the way he does it.

I did not copy my play list down yes - I will have to go into my SAM history to pull the list, and I'll update the posting later.


  1. Aww Dehrit is not that we hate the song it is just we have heard it a bit much lately .. over and over while planning and building the love shack and then in all our sets .. it just needs a month off.

  2. That's fine Finn - I understand, and is why I commented that you were tired of it, rather than hate it. It was a bit jangling to hear you both sort of jump on it - it made an impression, hence the comment I made.

  3. By the way, I had originally posted a picture of the gang dancing - Finn was some sort of rock elemental? But it got removed during editing.. I must have fat-fingered the keyboard. Sorry! Mal's pyramid tipjar was glowing green quite britely in the background! I may do a seperate post with some of the photos I've taken. Or better yet, post it at the wharf blog.

  4. I will come back and read more later. I could not help but notice, though, that you have one follower *more* than Finn. I mean far be it from me to point out that *you* are more popular than Finn. I would never do that. It would irritate Finn too much if I made a big deal out of the fact that people clearly like you *more* than they like Finn.

    By the way, I'll miss you when Finn kills me. ;)

  5. Hopefully when he kills you, the death won't take, so you're just start living again.

    It'll just hurt more when he kills you again to make sure you're not just allergic to death. LOL XD