Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nitro burning funny cars have nothing to do with this SUNDAY!!

Well, its the end of the weekend, and I'm posting this as I contemplate bed. Its been a full day, no mistake. I actually managed to sleep in for a change. Usually, my eyelids fly open like window shades rolling up at the crack of dawn, but not this morning!

First things - I had a good conversation with my friend Charley - what great guy. Charley is so easily one of the best people to talk to. He's about as awesome as they come when it comes to friends.

I spent some time with Kaj for his usual DJ set at Centerfold - and had a good time listening to the tunes, chatting with Kaj & Malden. Another set of great guys.

Next, there was Love Shack - DJ Fuzzy was rocking it New Wave style, and the tunes were excellent.

I have to say, we have a great group of people that congregate around these events.. everyone from Charley and Gage, Malden and Kaj, MTD, Dodgeguy, Blaise and Coner, Xavier, Pookie, Easton, Chopper, and Fuzzy, Finnegan, Buster. A number of others. Yeah, some of us have the DJ and Hosting jobs, or owners of the sims, etc. But in the end, we all chose to congregate together, to share the experience.. I think its fantastic that we have the love of the entertainment, or in the case of the DJ, host, manager, and owners, to entertain and share. We all have a family feel for us, the regulars, and the semi regulars. Its a good feeling to have such people close to you. Fuzzy once again put in a great performance for us.

And to close out the evening, I DJed @ the Wharf from 6 til after 8PM SLT. For the most part, it was a great set, with the tunes flowing very well. A couple of stream hiccups were the only thing that marred it. There were a number of moments that were hilarious, and Pookie, Kaj, Mal, Charley, Mikey, Gage and Buster all provided lots of laughs. I think Pookie was at the heart of some of them. Buster was his usual awesome hosting self.

By the way - Pookie's rez day was today - Sunday 3/8/09! He's 1! Happy Rez Day hon *hugs*

This was the last Sunday set that buster will be hosting for me. Unfortunately, RL kicks his butt for sleep by staying up so late to host for me .. so I will only have Buster's excellent assistance on Friday's, it seems - my 4-6pm set.

Overall, a wonderful day. I had a lot of fun, and I think most everyone did.

I just need to find someone to host for me on Sunday evenings .. I need to find a host for Esmi on Friday 12 noons, and for Easton on Friday nights. I'm also going to need to find a DJ to play more noon type sets, and a host to pare with him, so we can have the European crowd covered during the middle of the day. But anyway, that's business stuff, and its time for bed.


  1. I am upside down and naked in that first pic and you count me among a 'number of others'. I think I deserved at least a name-check for that one *pouts*

    As for getting me a host... maybe the noon friday slot is good for buster?

  2. Maybe I should not assume - but since he has not leaped into it so far, I "assumed" Finn had already considered it or buster was not able to make that time. I will, however, look into it.
    You are totally right - I thought I had your name in the credits, but I guess I should not write blog entries when I'm ready to face plant.
    And - as to your state of undress and gravitic orientation- *grin* I do have close ups I can post.