Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday - its an experience

Saturday was a pretty cool day, overall. Its good when you have fun, overcome an obstacle, and have a sense of accomplishment from that, and helping others succeed and do well.

I've been trying to figure out what to put in my new home.. the treehouse (pictured above)is truly a big place - it has adequate room that I can do a lot with. But, I haven't shopped for furniture just yet.
Pook says he will be happy to take me out shopping to find whatever I want, since he's been through moving and redecorating pains in the last month or so, and he has a lot of places still fresh in his mind.
I'll probably look at some of the elven-themed places, but not limiting myself to that.

As the day progressed, since I was just lazing around, planning my playlist for Migs - some of my friends started logging in(as they do). I had just found out how to plug my stream info into the sim I live in (its good to be the Man) - I was streaming my stuff, sort of working out what I wanted to play later at Migs. I noticed Xavier had logged in, so invited him over to see my bare house. Xavi asked if it was radio or me streaming, and I told him it was me. After a little while, i asked him if he would like to stream, since I know he has good music.

Xavi has some interest in DJing, but he doesn't do it much - so I gave him my stream info, and it was really cool. Dodge joined us shortly after that. I showed them around my empty house. Then Pookie joined us, and we made a little dance party in the tree house.
Finn stopped by, and hung out for a bit. He liked what Xavi was streaming, so he asked Xavi if he wanted to DJ for The Wharf (I told him I thought Xavi would make a great addition). Xavi was sort of hedging, but I thought he really liked it. The faun-boy can be shy at times.

Later in the day, it proved lucky that Xavier was interested, because Chester had net problems, and was not able to make his Abduction set. Even though we had not officially hired Xavier, I asked him to DJ for Chester.
It took a few minutes to get him set up, but with some ingenuity, some luck, and patience, we had Xavier streaming, and he rocked the cornfield.

This is Xavier DJing @ Abduction - It might be Dodgeguy doing the fanning with the peacock fan, but I can neither confirm or deny that - let's just say Xavi was hot, rocking the field and this guy (we'll call him Dodge just for the sake of arguement) didn't want the cornfield to catch fire.. yeah, you buy that, don't cha?

It felt really good, having faced this little challenge and brought forth a great sound like Xavier.

My gig at Migs went really well, too. I had a great crowd. Thanks to PJ and Mig for supporting me through the Night Train set. We had a fantastic time. I really appreciate PJ's help, considering how late it was for him.

A big thanks to buster - he really has been a strong support to me in these sorts of situations. I think the world of this guy.

And to Alvin - thank you for your suggestions and support when we were getting things set up. In the helter-skelter of trying to figure out options. I really appreciated the helping.. err.. paw?

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