Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday started out Esmiazing!

Well, I had to think up something that was corney, but cute and descriptive of the start to Finntastic Friday - see, I got off RL work early to come out and hear Esmi play - Its not something I can always do - but I wanted to hear Esmi on the mic.. and it was worth it! The tunes were fantastic, and his voice is so damned smexy I thought I might have to change my undies.
Good crowd too -
And then, there was Hoaghes - excellent set for Hoaghes.. I love his voice, too.. He seems to think he sounds bad, but wow. He's so wrongggggg.. I love the accent.

Anyway, gotta prep for my set.


  1. I charge just 500 US$ per second for sex via voice chat. Very reasonable.

    Come on.. my voice isn't anything special :P I do agree with you that Hoaghes' is very, very sexy though.

    I'm glad you enjoyed yaself... that is the point of my sets :P

    And sorry I couldnt stick around for yours.. RL gets in the way sometimes :/

  2. Wow.. $30K per minute, that's gotta be some damned good mic-sex.
    I could sell the house & get a few minutes out of it.. nah. I'll just record you everytime you mic at the Wharf and string together phrases from word recognition software. Yeah. that's it.
    But yeah, it was good to hear your voice Esmi. Don't mean to go on about it, but it was kewl - you did great *grin*